How it works

A language is best learned when spoken. But sometimes the circumstances make it hard to find a native speaker as conversation partner or a mother tongue teacher especially if you live abroad or - because of missing language skills - didn’t make any connections to native speakers in Germany yet. Louingua will help you out. It’s not only a platform on which you can find conversation partners but also a school which provides high quality language training, so that grammar and language can be learned profoundly. Especially in this point Louingua stands out from common self-learn-websites and methods. While on the self learn websites the learner is left alone, Louingua will explain the language and give answers to all the questions you have. The language is not just learned by heart but also explained and opened up by the teacher. The teaching language at Louingua is German. That way anybody interested can participate in our German courses, regardless which language they speak.
With Skype’s live Video option the classroom is transferred into your home - it doesn’t matter in which city, country or even on which continent you currently are. Live on Skype a real person language instructor teaches you German in exactly the way standard German courses work. All you need to participate in the course is Skype and a webcam and the required textbook. We work with established textbooks that are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Before registering for a German course, we recommend you complete a placement test, to help us find the right course level.
The language levels are oriented on the Common European Framework of References for languages (CEFR). The language courses at Louingua can serve as exam preparation for international accepted Certificates (TELC, Test DaF, etc.).

All participants at Louingua will receive a certificate after completing a German course.